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Providing a global view of competencies across your organisation, The Engage Platform is a powerful performance assessment tool that identifies key skills, helps develop potential and boosts staff engagement. It provides an accurate base line to enable targeted coaching programmes to deliver real productivity improvements against true development needs.

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Silent Edge - Barclays Case Study

Improving brand image and customer satisfaction were key priorities for the Business Banking team. With a 9% increase in CSat and a 15% increase in lending Barclays demonstrated a very clear ROI.

Silent Edge - Bt Business Case Study

Increasing sales performance across multiple roles throughout the organisation and sustaining that performance was critical for BT. With year-on-year bookings doubled to £10 million Silent Edge delivered.

Silent Edge - CCS Media Case Study

Improving the skills of both telesales and the sales management team delivered a striking increase in revenues and a sustainable culture of support and development.

Silent Edge - CSC Case Study

Identifying and recruiting the right people for the right job was crucial when CSC established a new IT outsourcing services division. Designing defined profiles, highlighting coaching priorities and gaining executive buy-in formed the foundation of the new CSC strategy.

Silent Edge - Reed Case Study

Addressing mismatched performance across its branches and boosting consultant abilities was a prime focus for Reed. Silent Edge’s solution integrated with in-house processes to increase growth by 8% and deliver a 900% ROI.

Silent Edge - Tarmac Case Study

By pinpointing the exact changes needed for each individual, Tarmac were able to improve competency across desk-based account management, transactions skills and complex sales to win ‘Supplier of the Year’ award and create a 30% business uplift.

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